We believe that the human musculoskeletal system is designed to remain athletically active and healthy into old age, and that nursing homes would only be necessary in rare cases. We are convinced that common movement complaints – from which at least 1/3 of all people over 65 suffer regularly, can be avoided in the long term in most cases thanks to healthy movement in everyday life and accompaniment by trained kybun Joya therapists.

  • Therapy instead of surgery for over 50 medical diagnoses
  • therapy methods that can be experienced free of charge in the kybun Joya stores
  • Individual one-on-one counseling on specific medical issues (concerns).


We are Karl III and Karl IV, father and son, founders of the health shoe producers kybun and Joya. Our motivation to found kybun Joya was and is to enable you to have a competent, medical contact point in your vicinity against pain in the musculoskeletal system until old age.

More than two million people already rely on our medical expertise. Every day, we receive reports from customers who can now walk pain-free again and enjoy a new quality of life. As a family-run company that is committed to your every-day health, we would like to be your loyal companion. Since 100,000 customers who do not want to miss our concept cannot be wrong, we may say with self-confidence: Treat instead of operate!

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