kybun Joya therapy

The kybun Joya therapy has its origin in the rice fields of Korea. It is exactly this unique walking feeling that kybun Joya brings into our everyday life. This means that our hard and flat artificial floors are transformed into soft-elastic-springy rice paddy floors. With just this walking experience, the whole body is trained all by itself – without exercises and without spending time!

Trampoline effect

kybun and Joya are the only shoe manufacturers in the world to use soles with a trampoline effect. Exactly this trampoline movement is the primal movement of man and stimulates the muscle-fascia chains to alternately tense and relax. And who doesn’t love this wonderful “floating feeling”! It puts a smile on the face of every toddler, adult and senior citizen, as it releases happy hormones (such as dopamine, serotonin or norepinephrine), has a relaxing effect and at the same time also the positive effects on the entire musculoskeletal system described above.

Sensational effect

It is not uncommon for people with walking problems in old age to be able to avoid surgery and walk again without pain, thanks to the kybun Joya therapy. Our experience shows that our products in combination with the kybun Joya therapy have helped with the following complaints:

Back, hip, knee and foot pain, especially in osteoarthritis, as an alternative to surgery. Ankle stiffness, Achilles tendonitis, general walking pain in old age, cartilage wear and tear, osteoporosis, vein and lymph activity and diabetes, but also for neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s, MS, stroke and many more.

Walking and standing in soft-elastic springy kybun Joya shoes also provides great services for stiffened ankles, Achilles tendonitis, diabetes, cartilage wear and osteoporosis. For more evidence-based information on the individual medical and biomechanical principles of action, visit Dr. Kybun.

More than 2 million enthusiastic customers worldwide confirm the extraordinary effect of the technology developed by the Swiss engineer ETH and movement scientist Karl Müller III, which originated in the 90s when he lived in the middle of rice fields in South Korea.

Walking and standing on the soft-elastic-springy kybun Joya soles, comes closest to walking on the natural rice paddy soil.

Experience holistic therapy

In addition to the elastic-sprung shoes for walking and trampoline-like mats for standing, kybun Joya therapy also consists of a fundus of special exercises and methods for manually releasing fascia adhesions. These are taught by trained kybun Joya therapists in off- and online courses as well as consultations and lectures.

In order not to “buy a pig in a poke”, kybun Joya shoes can also be rented for up to 2 weeks without risk.

Where would your feet and your whole body prefer to walk, barefoot on soft-elastic-springy moss, or wrapped in flat shoes on the hard asphalt? Treat your feet only the best, because they will carry you all your life.

Learn more about how kybun and Joya are good for your body!