Health advice

The kybun Joya therapy includes information about the musculoskeletal system, offers solutions to pain from everyday life and helps customers to move pain-free until old age. Through our consultation we combine theory and practice to stay healthy or get healthy again.

Through close cooperation with medical experts, kybun Joya stands for medical expertise in all aspects of the human musculoskeletal system. Customers get to know the kybun Joya therapy in lectures and courses. The 3 central elements of the kybun Joya therapy are the products of kybun and Joya, the solution of fascia – adhesions and the muscle length training.

Among other things, pain of the following symptoms can be treated with kybun Joya:

– Knee arthrosis / Gonarthrosis
– Heel spur / Fasciitis plantaris
– Pain in the forefoot
– Burning feet
– Achilles tendon problems
– Venous disorders
– Back pain
– Neurological diseases
– and over 50 other medical diagnoses

Info lectures

We offer you information lectures around the topic of health. Our medical experts will inform you about our habits in everyday life and improvements in widespread diagnoses such as osteoarthritis, back pain or other problems of the musculoskeletal system.
Many pains can be alleviated with the use of the kybun Joya therapy method, thus avoiding surgery. Find out about the next info lecture at the point of sale near you.

Consultation Hours

At regular intervals, we offer individual consultations in our stores with our medical experts. Do you also suffer from back, hip, knee or foot problems? Then register for one of the next consultation hours in one of our kybun Joya stores and let us advise you in a personal conversation.

Consultation Hour

Our health advisors trained in kybun Joya therapy will be happy to take time for you. Visit the kybun Joya store near you and let us advise you on all aspects of the kybun Joya therapy and discover the unique walking sensation on site.
If you are interested in a personal health consultation, you are also welcome to call or email your store in advance for an appointment so that someone can reserve the time for you.

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